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We do more than encourage compliance, we transform health and safety practice.

Image of a laptop computer and a smartphone displaying Safe365's Safety Index workplace safety software.
  • Assess your health and safety performance
  • Implement improvement roadmap and action plan
  • Improve safety engagement of staff and partners
  • Report quickly and easily to managers and boards
  • Provide assurance to partners and board level

Enabling health and safety excellence at every step

Complete our maturity assessment and receive your Safety Index. Know where you stand, your areas of strength and weakness and what you need to do to get better.
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With a pre-built improvement roadmap, create clear direction and a targeted action plan. Share progress through visual reports and status updates.
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Compare your health and safety status and performance trajectory with monthly insights, industry benchmarks and an ability to aggregate cross business performance data.
Photograph of two workers inside a large industrial storage facility. One holds a tablet computer while the other holds their hard hat
Place data at the heart of your health and safety governance. Align measurement and reporting to your business schedule and determine productivity return on investment.
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Empower workplace wide accountability and engagement with risk and incident capture, checklists, employee profiles and workforce surveys.
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Extend health and safety leadership and compliance across your supply chain with digital handshakes, contractor transparency and supplier wide engagement.
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Standardise pre-qualification and generate industry-wide accreditations for both principal contractors and supply chain partners.
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Enabling health and safety excellence at every step

Safe365 Intelligent health and safety system

Our suite of innovative tech solutions and insights enable stronger leadership, culture and decision making.

Safety Index

A clear, easy to digest view of current business status and your improvement roadmap.

Risk & Reporting

Visibility and management of critical daily health, safety and well-being incidents.

Contractor Connect

Easy supply chain engagement, monitoring, assurance and management.

Enterprise Connect

An holistic view of safety performance through multi-site data aggregation.

Pre-Qual [NZ Only]

Tōtika accredited pre-qualification for cross-industry contractors

We simplify health and safety for organisations, big and small.

Safe365 simplifies health and safety management for businesses at all levels.
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Safe365 for SME

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Safe365 for Enterprise

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Thousands of companies trust Safe365 worldwide

Today, over 8,500 organisations have used Safe365 to help them achieve a more aware, enabled and effective approach to health, safety and wellbeing at work.
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Safe365 provides your business with a clear roadmap to improved health and safety performance.

News & insights

The latest in health and safety news, articles, blog posts and tips from leading health and safety experts.
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Safe365 is proudly recognised within the health and safety tech industry