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An industry-leading service powered by our platform Qualify365

One, industry-wide standard, accredited by Tōtika, Qualify365 makes it easier for contractors, and contract supply chains, to reduce risk and manage health and safety prequalification.
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Create transparent health and safety visibility and assurance

Qualify365 + Tōtika is like a warrant of fitness for contractors and you supply chains, allowing you to demonstrate confidence your health and safety standards can fulfill mandatory requirements for RFP, tender submissions and procurement. With Qualify365 you get:


  • Gold accredited Tōtika product
  • One assessment process and prequal for use with multiple clients
  • 5 day turnaround, with no premium fees charged for fast service
  • Up to 3 rounds of assessments – a chance to improve your score
  • Direct contact with your designated assessor to aid improvements

Supply chain line of sight

Your customers are seeking visibility of contractor health and safety capability and culture.
Safe365 infographic depicting the 'Overlapping PCBU Responsibilites. It depicts a huma eye thats cone of vision changes from 'Known' for tier 1 contractors, to 'Familiar' for tier 2 contractors and finally 'Unknown' for tier 3 contractors
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Increase your contract eligibility and give yourself a competitive edge

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Qualify365 features

Professional, cost effective health and safety prequalification aligned to industry recognised standards.

Assessment feedback and guidance

Three attempts. No extra cost.

Increase your rate of certification success through direct feedback on submissions. Understand exactly what you need to improve, why it’s important and ensure your prequal assessment meets the industry-wide standard.

Continual improvement planning

Increase your contract eligibility and give yourself a competitive edge with ongoing support towards achieving a higher prequal assessment grade. Move past set-and-forget and use your prequal grading to win contracts.

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Visibility of contractor reports

Reduce supply chain risk and extend your health and safety improvement culture to all your suppliers. Get full visibility of contractor assessment reports, understand their areas of strength and where focus is needed.

What is Tōtika?

Tōtika is New Zealand’s first and only nationally-recognised, cross-industry prequalification scheme.

Developed to deliver high impact pre-qual standards and processes common across contractors and industries. Qualify365™ is a Gold accredited Tōtika product.

Qualify365™ is aligned with Tōtika’s standard categorisation of contractor prequalification definitions.

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Find your pre-qual category

Use the pre-qual category guide below to quickly find your category code, or contact us if you have questions.

How Qualify365 works

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  • Contractors sign up and complete a quick profile
  • You are assigned with a certified assessor
  • Complete assessment and grading review
  • Your certification is registered with CHASNZ
  • Your organisation is easily recognised as qualified
SAFE365 TŌtika Prequal

Category S


Renew every 2 years

Sole Trader

  • Does not employ staff
  • Does not engage other contractors, contracts independently, and
  • Works independently
SAFE365 Tōtika Prequal

Category 1


Renew every 2 years

Small-sized, regular risk activity supplier

  • No more than 20 employees
  • Does not take on contracts in excess of NZ $2.5M; and
  • Will not have a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika high or very high-risk work activity schedule
SAFE365 Tōtika Prequal

Category 2


Renew annually

Medium-sized or higher risk supplier

  • No more than 200 employees;
  • Does not take on contracts in excess of NZ $20M; and
  • Will not engage in a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very high-risk work activity schedule.
safe365 Tōtika Prequal

Category 3


Renew annually

Large-sized or very high risk supplier

  • Employs more than 200 people; and/or
  • Takes on contracts in excess of NZ $20M and/or
  • Takes on a lead/principle contractor or designer role; and/or
  • Has a primary work activity defined in the Tōtika very  high risk work activity schedule

Qualify365 customer stories

Implementing health and safety across diverse work site scenarios

Arjo are a medical equipment manufacturer, who have introduced Safe365 and Qualify365 into their business, allowing them to tackle health and safety, no matter the location they’re undertaking work.

Deploying health and safety culture in high risk environments

Harris Dowd Gibbons Construction have taken onboard Safe365 and Qualify365 to help fulfill health and safety needs across the business. The two systems have allowed for stronger health and safety maturity, through provided structure, clearer communication and transparency with clients.

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Pre-qual questions?
We’re here to help.

Just get in touch. And if you’re already a Safe365 customer, Qualify365 can be added to your subscription.

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View the full range of Safe365 safety products for small to medium enterprises

A clear, easy to digest view of current business status and your improvement roadmap.

Visibility and management of critical daily health, safety and well-being incidents.

Easy supply chain engagement, monitoring, assurance and management.

Tōtika accredited prequalification for cross-industry contractors.