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Our customers say it better than we could

8,500 companies globally and counting have joined us. Read, watch and listen to stories of how our customers have used Safe365’s system of software tools to transform safety culture in their organisations from large to small.
An action photograph of a field hockey match

Shifting health and safety practice from compliance to culture

Hockey NSW data and maturity profiling to drive dramatic change in their health and safety practice enabling a jump in safety index from 45% to 62% in just 18 months

Photograph of the modern facade of a Sudima hotel

Driving a culture of continuous improvement

Engaging stakeholders across the organisation – Hind Management harnessed the ability to create a holistic view of multi-site performance to drive engagement and key decisions.

A photograph of an adult and child entering a Tamaki Health clinic

Simplifying the task of daily health and safety to focus energy on patient care

Unseen and unresolved – Tāmaki Health transformed their capability around incident management and resolution enabling them to take a more strategic approach to operational health and safety.

Harnessing gap analysis to identify and plot improvement practice

Prestige Health Services Australia have used Safe365 to move away from cumbersome reporting and documentation and is now able to focus on improving its overall safety culture.

A consistent system that unified a workforce

Royal Life Saving NSW uses Safe365 as a consistent, easy-to-use health and safety system for all its employees.

The proof is in the pudding – front-line staff vetted safety software in their hands

With Safe365 being for both in the office and out in the field, we talked with Spencer Henshaw contractors about their initial experience with the Safe365 app.

Enabling workforce safety across a nationally distributed team

Edward & Hardy roofing are a country-wide business, with a need to understand their health and safety maturity despite their team spread across the country. Safe365 and Qualify365 has allowed them to not only understand where they’re doing well, but also where they can improve their maturity.

Turning actions and incidents into visible insights for leadership and the Board

Ponsonby Primary School having bought Safe365 into their ecosystem to not only protect their pupils, but also teachers and parents. With Safe365, they’ve been able to provide strong documentation for their board of trustees, as well as making everyday learning spaces safer to be a part of.

Deploying health and safety culture in high risk environments

Harris Dowd Gibbons Construction have taken onboard Safe365 and Qualify365 to help fulfill health and safety needs across the business. The two systems have allowed for stronger health and safety maturity, through provided structure, clearer communication and transparency with clients.

Eradicating paperwork to create a more engaged health and safety culture

Bombay school took Safe365 and ran with it, implementing it both on campus and at EOTC. Watch to learn about how they’ve been able to reap the awards of having strong health and safety maturity.

Harnessing health and safety excellence to ensure trust in their business

Chris Jolly Outdoors deal with a wide range of outdoor activities, making Safe365 the perfect system to keep everything in check, as well as in one place. With Safe365, Chris Jolly Outdoors have been able to instill trust in their employees and clients, allowing them to maintain profitability.

Implementing health and safety across diverse work site scenarios

Arjo are a medical equipment manufacturer, who have introduced Safe365 and Qualify365 into their business, allowing them to tackle health and safety, no matter the location they’re undertaking work.

Harnessing the framework to create shared meaning around health and safety

Smith & Smith has people in all sorts of settings, from on the road to office-based corporate support. When looking to build a culture around health and safety, Smith & Smith chose Safe365 to help them move forward and build the culture they wanted.

Removing the uncertainty of navigating the unknown with Safe365 as their guide

Buses 4 Homeless are trailblazers in the non for profit area and have incorporated Safe365 into their organisation so they can get things right from the very start. Safe365 has allowed them to mitigate risk while dealing with the vulnerable and providing them with a warm, dry place to stay.

Simplifying technical language to make client engagement easier

Dan Dutfield is a safety practitioner in the UK, working with a wide range of pubs to improve their health and safety maturity. Dan has found Safe365 to be a great way to show clients where improvements can be made without getting stuck in all the technical talk.

Finding a software partner that enables customer success

Pillar Consulting has grown their business with the help of Safe365. Using our software platform they have been able to make analysis faster and more efficient, improving the whole health and safety continuous improvement process for the customers.

Leveraging technology to build increased knowledge on best in class practice

Civtec have taken Safe365 onboard and ran with it, making health and safety a key piece of their business and reputation. By using Safe365, Civtec have been able to bring health and safety maturity to the forefront, creating benefits both internally and externally.

More than software – a partner in delivering health & safety consulting

Advanced Safety is a health and safety consultancy business, that looks to help businesses identify key focus areas. With Safe365, they’ve been able to make the process, simpler, friendlier and easier for their clients to understand their gaps and report to their boards.