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Safe365 Contractor Connect

Balancing supply chain owner requirements with supplier friendly processes, Contractor Connect is our digital supply chain management extension providing a simple, digital handshake that extends your safety and risk leadership across your supply chain.
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Supply chain assurance like never before

Designed to deliver complete supply chain visibility, process alignment and improved legal compliance Contractor Connect delivers

  • Easy supply chain engagement, monitoring and management
  • Visibility of all suppliers by project, site or work stream
  • Contractor communications capability – with just 2 clicks
  • Real-time visibility of prequalification and insurance status
  • A digital handshake between both parties
  • Document distribution and storage

Generate safer behaviours across your supply chain with increased integration and visibility

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Contractor Connect features

Generate safer behaviours across your supply chain with increased integration and visibility.

Contractor Connect Portal

With 24/7 visibility, collaboration and accountability, the Contractor Connect Portal creates a centralised view of all contractor profiles. Get a snapshot view of contractor compliance, prequalification or insurance status, out-of-date or expiring documentation and next training dates. Easily search via keyword, date, expiry and other filters.

Contractor profiles

Free for all contractors/suppliers, get by contractor visibility of all documentation, performance history and their prequalification score and/or Safe365 Safety Index maturity (if used by supplier).

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Data sharing and real-time communications

Easily upload and share all safety documentation throughout the contract (SWMS, permits to work, training & induction records etc). Communicate with all contractors in just 2 clicks, permitting rapid action and supply chain coordination.

Digital Handshake

Get notified of document upload, review and accept, initiating a digital handshake between you and your supplier.

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Transform your health and safety culture today

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Contractor Connect customer stories

Simplifying the task of daily health and safety to focus energy on patient care

Unseen and unresolved – Tāmaki Health transformed their capability around incident management and resolution enabling them to take a more strategic approach to operational health and safety.

Leveraging technology to build increased knowledge on best in class practice

Civtec have taken Safe365 onboard and ran with it, making health and safety a key piece of their business and reputation. By using Safe365, Civtec have been able to bring health and safety maturity to the forefront, creating benefits both internally and externally.

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A clear, easy to digest view of current business status and your improvement roadmap.

Visibility and management of critical daily health, safety and well-being incidents.

Easy supply chain engagement, monitoring, assurance and management.

Tōtika accredited prequalification for cross-industry contractors.