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What’s New – Safe365 Release Zone

The latest product news and updates from Safe365.

Product Updates for June 2023

We have been working on a range of improvements and fixes for this release.

As well as bug fixes and general performance improvements, here is what we have released:

  • Added a progress % indicator to the top right of the screen that shows your progress through the Tōtika assessment. Where there is a Safe365 subscription also, it will update the display depending on which assessment you are viewing/working on.
  • Added a ‘Delete Evidence’ button so anyone can remove wrongly uploaded documents.
  • Added updated Qualify T&Cs to the plan sign-up page.
  • Updated the NZBN Search API to version 5 as required by MBIE.
  • Fixed an issue with the back button in the Performance Console. This now keeps going back, rather than getting into a loop. Most noticeable within Checklists.
  • Added ability to use Enter (Return) on all search/filter boxes. This means you don’t have to manually click ‘Search’.
  • Power BI User Guide is now available as a download on the Power BI tile in the Insights Centre.

Jun 21 2023

Harness your data with Power BI

Safe365 has developed a Power BI template that allows you to visualise and interpret the data coming in from the Safe365 app.

As well as being able to analyse trends, this should make your monthly reporting easier!

Insights Centre

To accommodate the introduction of Power BI reporting, we have redesigned our Reports Centre and created an Insights Centre.

From there, you can download and connect the Power BI template, as well as continue to access your Safe365 Assessment reports and Benchmarking data.

Other Product Enhancements
  • Added Connection Code to Contractor export within Contractor Connect.
  • Allowed the ability to remove users with completed actions assigned to them.
  • Added condition to show the Red Expiry Clock for insurance where any certificate has expired on Contractor Connect Dashboard.

Powerful Insights with Power BI
 Make Monthly Reporting Easier

May 16 2023

Products Update March 2023

We have been working on a large range of improvements and fixes for this release.
  • Added the ability for admins to change the owner of Actions within their organisation
  • Added functionality to link checklists to Actions
Performance Console
  • Added the ability to create actions against all submitted reports in the performance console
  • Added the ability to create actions and notes against Survey results
    Site QR Scan notifications added
Safe365 App

Released iOS and Android app version 3.6.3 which includes:

  • Assists with an issue where some Samsung users with Grammarly active experience the app crashing when large bodies of text are entered
  • Fixes issue with iOS and Android which stopped reading Checklist QR codes
  • Added functionality for app to receive notifications
Contractor Connect
  • Allow the ability to upload the Tōtika report in addition to the certificate
  • Restrict the insurance ’cover amount’ field to only accept numbers
General Improvements
  • Remove the ‘Dashboard’ menu when only one subscription is active
  • Added paging to Action workspace and Contractor Connect dashboard
  • Allow the ability to add notes to Safety Index assessment questions without them being answered
  • Deployed a public API
  • Created public API Documentation – Safe365 Web API documentation
  • Added ability for API token to be generated
General Fixes
  • Aggregated Child profiles to show aggregated Safety Index in Enterprise Connect
  • Fix issue where Qualify365 reports are displaying the wrong date

Mar 13 2023