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How Hind Management Utilises Safe365 Enterprise

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The Challenge

Hind Management builds, operates, and manages high-performing hotel and commercial accommodation businesses throughout New Zealand.

Hind Management already had Safe365 Enterprise in place when Quintin Scholtz came on board as the National Health, Safety, and Security Manager. While his background was in construction, Safe365 enabled him to have a smooth transition into the hospitality industry as he found the platform to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate. In particular, the Starburst function showed him what to look for and who to ask, without him being an expert in the field. He utilised the Safe365 University Portal to quickly upskill so he could fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.

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“Safe365 gives me confidence in providing the board with a level of assurance that the programs of work they have in place are fit for purpose. I can point directly to a starburst element and highlight our wins or losses and the colours on the starburst pique their interest and help showcase when you move up in points.”

The Result

With a focus on continuous improvement, Quintin utilises the Safe365 Enterprise platform to provide a holistic view of the organisation’s daily health across multiple sites and business units. It shows him instant visibility of key data insights at a top level that he can report back to the board, whilst also allowing him to go into the finer details and work behind the scenes with his team of nine Hotel Managers who are responsible for the day-to-day operations such as incident reporting.

The Aggregated Dashboard showcases a centralised, top-down view of capability related to health, safety, and well-being governance by clearly showing the common areas of strengths and weaknesses. Quintin focuses on quarterly improvements nationwide rather than individual goals for each hotel so the core standard stays the same and processes are streamlined. He achieves this by dividing the Safety Index Starburst into four sections and identifying specific areas that require attention. He then assigns members of the team to improve in those areas each quarter for example Director Knowledge, to continue to build the safety index score up overall.

The Verdict

The suite of digital tools has not only improved health and safety management but also contributed to fostering a culture of safety. Safe365 has helped Quintin keep Managing Directors focused on this as they take accountability for their own scores and improvement. The Safety Index shows them what they need to achieve individually to improve their score, and they are happy to do the training as they can see how easy and effective it is. Quintin often refers to the Safe365 modules rather than the Health & Safety Act because it is less intimidating and more situationally relevant, helping to drive more employee engagement.

“I don’t go a day without going into Safe365 and checking things. It is my core driving tool.”

One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry is high staff turnover so employee training is a huge focus to ensure data is captured accurately. Safe365 is included in every employee’s induction with the future goal to request all employees to download the Safe365 Mobile App and report their own hazards and risks. Quintin has seen success in incident reporting through an initiative and internal competition he ran amongst staff to help them understand the difference between a near miss, a hazard, and an unsafe condition, so they know what they are reporting and why.

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“I won’t move from Safe365 because of the Starburst, it is one of the best out there. It helps guide you in what you need in your system and also gives you very user-friendly ways to improve and track progress.”

What’s next?

Moving forward, Hind Management plans to continue to use Safe365 to drive continuous improvements in health and safety. With a focus on finding and addressing root causes and areas of concern, the company is committed to building a strong and sustainable safety culture that supports the health and well-being of its employees and guests. By focusing on quarterly improvements, Hind Management can make targeted and meaningful progress towards this year’s goal of reaching a Safety Index Score of 75% nationwide.

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