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Transform your health and safety culture with Safe365’s WHS management software

Innovative technology to help Australian businesses assess, report, improve and manage workplace safety.
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  • Implement a sustainable safety culture across your organisation
  • Align internal practice to international standards
  • Engage & align internal and external stakeholders to improve business performance
  • Use powerful data, insights and benchmarking to inform top level decision making
  • Provide governance and assurance on safety performance for Board

We do more than encourage compliance, we embed health and safety into your company DNA

Complete a self-assessment to plot your WHS maturity status and receive your Safety Index. Understand your areas of strength and weakness and what needs to be done to improve.
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Map an improvement path and a targeted action plan with pre-built roadmaps. Share progress through visual reports and status updates.
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Monthly insights, industry comparisons and an ability to aggregate cross business performance data provide visibility to the Board, management and employees on your WHS performance.
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Encourage WHS ownership from the office floor to the boardroom. Align measurement and reporting to your business schedule and determine productivity return on investment.
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Actively engage and implement WHS practices across your workplace with risk and incident capture, checklists, employee profiles and workforce surveys.
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Gain complete supply chain visibility, process alignment, improved legal compliance and supplier wide engagement.
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Check your workplace health and safety status

We do more than encourage compliance, we embed health and safety into your company DNA

Check your workplace health
and safety status

A holistic view of your whole-of-business WHS management

Our suite of intelligent WHS software solutions work together to help embed a more aware, enabled and effective approach to workplace health and safety management.

Safety Index

A clear, easy-to-digest snapshot of your current business strengths and areas for improvement.

Risk & Reporting

A single streamlined app to report, manage and review important daily WHS risks and incidents.

Contractor Connect

A simple, digital handshake that extends your WHS leadership, monitoring, assurance and management across your supply chain.

Enterprise Connect

A comprehensive view of WHS performance through multi-site data aggregation and reporting.

We simplify health and safety for organisations, big and small.

Safe365 simplifies health and safety management for businesses at all levels.
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Safe365 for SME

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Safe365 for Enterprise

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Thousands of companies trust Safe365 worldwide

Today, over 8,500 organisations have used Safe365 to help them achieve a more aware, enabled and effective approach to health, safety and wellbeing at work.
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Safe365 provides your business with a clear roadmap to improved health and safety performance.

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Safe365 is proudly recognised within the health and safety tech industry

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