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Collecting and responding to health and safety information is critical to achieving continuous improvement in Health and Safety performance. Building intelligence in your organisation through health and safety data will support all levels of your organisation to exercise their duties under legislation and support evidence-based decision making.

Where to start

When thinking about your organisation’s Health & Safety Processes, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do workers or contractors know how to report hazards and risks in the workplace?

Workers/contractors need to know how to report hazards and risks in the workplace in order for the organisation to take appropriate steps to ensure that they are appropriately mitigated and don’t materialise again.

2. Do workers or contractors know how to report injuries in the workplace?

Workers/contractors need to know how to report injuries as this is required under legislation. In addition, injury and illness data allows an organisation to identify and manage threats to safety and well-being.

3. Do workers or contractors know how to report near-miss information in the workplace?

It is important that near-miss incidents are identified and reported by workers/contractors because these incidents offer valuable insights into threats in the workplace which can be addressed without anyone becoming injured or ill.

4. Do workers/contractors have confidence in the management personnel to respond to concerns about health & safety at work?


Building employee engagement and confidence.

In order to create an environment where workers/contractors have the willingness to share health and safety concerns and data with management openly, they need to feel confident that management personnel will use these insights constructively to improve health and safety. This is important to ensure there is a strong health and safety culture where employees are actively contributing to risk management.

Overall, it is important to engage employees in your health and safety journey and improve the quality of data that is captured. Safe365’s Risk and Reporting App is a fantastic tool to empower employees to create reports as they happen, providing them with data capture tools like address finder, time/date stamps, camera, voice recording, and category tags. Managers receive instant notifications when reports are submitted, allowing them to take immediate action.

Collecting and responding to health and safety data is crucial for a safe and healthy working environment. By utilising Safe365’s digital suite of tools, businesses can collect and analyse data to identify trends, make informed decisions, and continuously improve their health and safety performance. With a commitment to health and safety, organisations can create a safer and healthier workplace for everyone.