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Health and Safety Maturity Benchmarking

How developed is your business in terms of health, safety and well-being maturity?  Are you ahead of your competitors? Where and how can you find out?

Safe365 provides users of its platform with this information, aggregated from data we’ve collected worldwide of over 2,500 businesses.

“Our customers think it’s great,” says Nathan Hight, Co-Founder & Director of Safe365.  “Our market insights provide our customers with visibility of where they sit relative to the market and where gains can be made. It’s about focusing effort and motivating clients to continually improve their health and safety maturity.”

A Canadian Example

In a project for the Institute for Work & Health, Ontario’s businesses identified the following requirements:

  • Gaps were identified and they gained an increased awareness of areas requiring improvement.
  • Distributing the reports throughout the business identified new priorities, developed action plans and re-examined existing processes.
  • Users wanted to receive legislative updates, best-practice information and access to experts.

These are features that Safe365 have recognised are important to businesses and consequently we have built into our digital platform and made available to all users.

Every year, globally, there are >2.3M workplace deaths and >318M accidents where workers are harmed doing their job. Building strong maturity reduces the risk of harm to your workforce, improves compliance with legal requirements, improves general workforce diligence which flows into improved productivity and profitability. Positive health and safety is fundamentally good for business.

Benchmarking health and safety maturity against your industry is possible with Safe365’s innovative, market-leading suite of features. For larger clients, Safe365 can undertake internal safety maturity benchmarking to support strategic decision making and enable good governance while also providing external benchmarking relative to size, industry, geography and more.

If you want to know where your organisation sits in the market, start now for free.