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Nick Engelmann, General Manager – Technical Services at Safe365.

 Nick Engelmann is the General Manager of Technical Services at Safe365, with over 30 years of safety experience in safety from a wide range of industries.

It’s been a very busy start to 2022. Personally, I’ve found it inspiring to see so many new clients come on board with Safe365 and experience a true safety maturity profiling application that promotes safety improvement and innovation whilst also giving valuable insights across not only your business but also across sectors and industries globally.

The one constant is the mistaken belief that maturity indexing is a pass/fail exercise.

Over the past four years, I’ve run hundreds of facilitated safety maturity assessment sessions for clients from different parts of the world and in different industries, however the one constant is the mistaken belief that maturity indexing is a pass/fail exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is really the value point of using a safety maturity approach.

Unlike a traditional audit, the concept of maturity profiling is not to provide quantitative evidence to “prove” that your organisation is best in class, and there is no “golden goose” for achieving 100% (if such a concept is even achievable in practical terms in safety maturity). Rather, the concept is that we are exploring the knowledge of an organisation’s workforce, management team and leaders relating to safety management, wellbeing, cultural acceptance and overall penetration of your systems and processes within the business.

Maturity profiling facilitates the apex between human factors, policy & process and data!

This month we released the Safe365 Maturity Roadmap which plots your Safe365 Safety Index against best practice health and safety cultural maturity definitions used by health and safety professionals across the globe. By benchmarking where you sit on the journey to health and safety excellence you can provide clear visibility and understanding amongst your organisation on what is required to meet your next milestone and ensure health and safety stays front of mind 365 days a year.

Visualising where you sit and where you want to get to helps to engage your entire business behind a process of continuous improvement.

The Safe365 platform doesn’t just provide you with a score and a fancy report with no further direction or guidance on the next step.

The system has a great backend, full of templates, playbooks, training, and ideas on how to address identified gaps in your organisation.

Safe365 is a live platform where an organisation can:

  • Identify both its strengths and gaps
  • Rapidly understand its vulnerabilities and what to do about them
  • Utilise the resources in the system to address those gaps
  • Reflect on those updates and changes by reassessing those individual areas for improvement (which, in addition to monitoring improvement progress also updates the algorithms to further focus continual improvement priorities)

Effectively an organisation can track their increasing safety maturity through the platform. This brings new KPIs to the fore, lead indicators which are more reflective of safety implementation, culture, and worker wellbeing within an organisation. There have been thousands of examples of businesses engaging with the platform and changing traditional safety reporting metrics to a more quantifiable and meaningful safety maturity score with additional metrics relating to workforce engagement, feedback, and compliance.


Have you used maturity profiling to support achieving your health and safety goals? We’d love to hear about your experiences – tell us more on our LinkedIn page and help us build the future of health and safety excellence.