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Here at Safe365 we recognise health and safety is just one component of a business’ governance scope. Using the same principal components that have seen Safe365 so well received by our customers, we recognised an opportunity to look more broadly at how our technology could help organisations in all aspects of governance capability.  

Govn365 uses the same maturity index approach to break down the wide range of aspects that make up governance. At its core, Govn365 shares the Safe365 driving purpose: to help organisations review, assess, and improve their practice by creating visibility that enables you to deliver greater business outcomes through setting priorities and continually building internal capabilities. 

Much like Safe365, Govn365 provides a strong overview of where capabilities and gaps lie within an organisation. At the outset, this provides a higher level of confidence for stakeholders, who will then have the ability to have a simple overview and understanding of the roadmap to strengthen governance. Depending on the situation, this could result in greater investment, retention of staff or just greater confidence in the organisational vision. 

With governance ingrained into the capabilities of individuals, Govn365 supports the retention of IP within an organisation instead of the minds of a few. Govn365 provides direction, which is open and available to a whole team, instead of relying on turning to a couple of people for guidance. This movement of information helps mitigate risk by providing greater visibility and ensuring foundational knowledge is captured. 

As Govn365 continues to be used by organisations far and wide, we will unlock the ability to leverage benchmarking data. With the use of this data, you will be able to understand where you sit compared to others in your industry, as well as on a global scale. Educational resources are available at your fingertips, providing the ability to understand how to improve your governance practices in an impactful way. Additionally, the Govn365 team will be able to connect you with governance experts to make the journey easier. 

To gain all these benefits, Govn365 kicks off with a similar process to Safe365, with an assessment undertaken by your governance group to gain alignment. From there, you will have a second session with the Govn365 team post-assessment to help you prioritise what you want to focus on, whether it be for the next quarter, annum, or five years. The last step in the process is engaging with and improving your organisational governance. This involves creating action plans for improvement using the platform resources at hand. As these improvements come to life, you will be able to update the platform to reflect the hard work you have put in.  

Curious to see how Govn365 can change your governance capability? To get started, head to and contact the team today. 

Govn365: Better governance. Improved Performance.