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Meet Shane Knight, the Commercial Manager for Safe365 in Australia and an integral and passionate member of the Safe365 Team. Shane first came across Safe365 when he was working as the CEO of Dragon Boats NSW. He was looking for a high-impact, simple, and cost-effective health and safety solution to help the board understand their due diligence obligations and highlight key vulnerabilities, as well as a way for staff and members to complete daily routines and report incidents and risks. As Shane likes to say, ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’, so he needed a platform that provided visibility both upstream and downstream and had the ability to scale and create a clear journey for improvement.

As one of Safe365’s first Australian customers, Shane had some key learnings to share when it came to implementing Safe365 successfully. Firstly, he stated it was important to tell the story as to the ‘why’, particularly if an organisation has low technical maturity. For example, he utilised the data to show the team ‘this is why we do it, and this is the impact it will have’ then he engaged core staff and members to lead the way. He also stressed the importance of remembering that you don’t have to do it all at once, you can implement changes in staged phases initially, then scale faster, later.

Shane’s enthusiasm for Safe365 was so great that he eventually became part of the Safe365 team.

“I fell in love with the product. I believed in it so much that I was telling other organisations about it and was essentially working as a free sales agent for Safe365.”

Now, as the Commercial Manager of Australia, Shane’s responsibilities include driving domestic sales, recruiting and retaining partners plus enhancing partner relationships. When asked what he loves most about working at Safe365, Shane said he enjoys the team’s energy and being part of a group that allows him to think at a global, strategic level. He likes to see the impact Safe365 has on global brands and enjoys watching organisations create efficiencies across the board. He also appreciates the social impact point of view, as Shane has a background in working for non-profit organisations.

A key part of Shane’s role is to work closely with a really strong cohort of Safe365 partners across a variety of different industries such as agriculture, disability, energy and sport, to help them build their teams and scale effectively.

“The benefit of Safe365 for our partners is that it provides them with a rigorous tool that is innovative and disruptive, and is faster and more accurate from a holistic view. This allows them to build more business on the back of their results due to the evidence-based outcomes they have achieved from working with their clients.”

In regard to current market trends in Australia, Shane has started to see a shift from a straight compliance mindset to a continuous improvement mindset.

“Businesses are wanting to go beyond compliance and get ahead of the curve as well as help improve their supply chain – particularly for larger businesses that are being driven to improve ESG outcomes. We are helping to shift the dial to support that.”

Shane is excited to see Safe365 continue to evolve and expand over the next few years with many exciting things to come…

“Safe365 has a product stack that can cater to many personas and verticals in the market, including Enterprise, and it’s great to see the growth and impact we are having across different industries.”