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“The Safety Leadership Trifecta of Glory”

Over the years we’ve dehumanised safety by putting a focus on compliance over people, that in turn has created slow and complex processes and management systems, dull language, not to mention very costly safety models that focus on paper maintenance, manual data crunching and expensive external assurance.

As we transition to new approaches and mindsets, safety leaders have three consistent challenges; how do we tackle harmcomplexity and cost simultaneously. Tackle these three things consistently and you have achieved some serious professional magic! I call it the ‘safety leadership trifecta of glory’.

Jargon free – a product built to help.

One of the natural considerations when looking at the trifecta is how we digitise and make getting insight from data easier; what systems and platforms exist that can help? The problem is, most safety systems or products are made to be sold, very rarely are they built to help.

Safe365 approached me, and after a demonstration and several discussions, I fell in love with it. The gems for me were underneath the ‘how it works’ discussion, which was impressive, don’t get me wrong. But, it’s bigger than the slick app reporting, incredible visuals and its integrated Power Bi reporting capability.

I fell in love with the fact Safe365’s Contractor Connect package is free for supply-chain to use. The headaches around making contractors, especially the small ones, use your system and pay for the privilege – gone. It’s the right thing morally, but also a real business WIN! The interactive culture model in the platform is based on 45001; it’s easy and visually brilliant! But the amazing part is, the assessment is a self-assessment process with simple jargon-free videos and information built into the tool to help you see where you are and how to make a plan to get to the next level. There is no touting for further support or consultancy. You have the information and are enabled to help yourself. How refreshing!

The big upshot here is, Safe365 dissolves the need for reams of paper and expensive 45001 external audits and auditors while maintaining your ability to grow under a recognised health and safety standard. They have just done the same with organisational wellbeing actually, but that’s for another day.

Simple plans for a genuine improvement.

A great benefit of the platform is it also removes the drive toward compliance, audit and paper, and allows simple plans for genuine improvement. Successfully tackling complexity and cost.

Then add an app that enables reporting in as little as 60 seconds, where you can dictate the content (great for those who struggle with written English), add pictures with a simple click and all that slides straight into performance dashboards and Power Bi reports – it’s brilliant. It enables better simpler and quicker risk and harm insight sessions which we know helps form better action to keep people safer at work. Successfully tackling harm.

It’s not often you’ll get something that hits all three points, but Safe365 does.

By Crystal Danbury (CFIOSH),
FSTE100 Director of Safety & Insurance & newly appointed non-executive director of Safe365 Global (UK) Ltd